House terms & conditions

Guesthouse Family Paulic

House terms & conditions

We sincerely hope that your stay will be a pleasant and a memorable one. We are here for you to answer your questions about this residence. We have been doing everything so that your holiday in our home would be exceptional and comfortable. We gave our best to fulfill your wishes and desires. We are happy to take any of your suggestions or even complaints so that we could make this place even more pleasant for you. We hope and we will be waiting for your next visit to our lovely home.

Please bear this few house rules in your mind while staying here:

  • 1. It is not allowed to store any fire-hazard materials with strong and unpleasant scent in the room.
  • 2. We do not allow having ANY visitors in the room except in the special circumstances. (We will have to allow visitors in our home if there is any situation like that)
  • 3. Please handle room’s property and furniture carefully. Avoid any damage or loss. In case that happens, you will be CHARGED for the damage.
  • 4. Please close and lock the room before leaving. We’re not responsible for your documents, money and the rest of the baggage.
  • 5. We are kindly asking you not to make any unpleasant and loud noise including shouting, screaming, loud music from radio, TV or music instruments that could disturb other guests and even us.
  • 6. On your day of departure, please leave the room before 10AM (10:00h).
  • 7. In case of disturbing any of our guests you can be evicted from your room and your right to occupy the room will be withdrawn.
  • 8. We are kindly asking you not to take any equipment from your room with you. That specially includes towels and blankets.
  • 9. You can only use applicants that are produced for 220 V standard.

We wish you a pleasant stay,
Family Paulic

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